Baby of Shame by Julia James

BABY OF SHAME Julia James PROLOGUE ‘MR PETRAKIS.’ His UK PA’s voice was hesitant. ‘Please excuse me for interrupting you, but—’ Dark, displeased eyes flashed up at her from the man seated behind the imposing mahogany desk. Maureen Carter quailed. ‘I said no interruptions, Mrs Carter—for any reason whatsoever.’ The deep, accented voice was brusque. For a fraction of a section the forbidding gaze admonished her, then simply cut her out of existence, returning to the papers spread out on the leather-topped surface of the desk. In the doorway, Maureen Carter hesitated, then, visibly steeling herself, spoke again. ‘I understand, sir. But…but she said the call was urgent—’ Alexis Petrakis sat slowly back in his large chair and lifted his eyes to her. ‘Mrs Carter,’ he said, and his voice, with its slight Greek accent, was soft—so soft it raised the hairs on his PA’s neck. ‘You may inform Natalia Ferucia I have no interest in her affairs. With me or with anyone else.’ He rested his killing gaze on her, his mouth whipped to a tight, h
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