Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart by Jesse Bullington

I: The First Blasphemy II: Bastards at Large III: Night in the Mountains IV: A Lamentable Loss V: The Other Cheek VI: The Teeth of a Donated Horse VII: A Cautionary Yarn, Spun for Fathers and Daughters Alike VIII: Enough Distractions IX: Odd Men at Odds X: Fresh Paths and Good Intentions XI: A Humourous Adventure XII: A Telling on the Mountain XIII: The Start of a Tale Already Concluded XIV: The Monotonous Road XV: Prophets of the Schism XVI: The Gaze of the Abyss XVII: The Difficult Homecoming XVIII: Beards of a Feather XIX: Like the Beginning, the End of Winter Is Difficult to Gauge in the South XX: Venetian Heartbreak XXI: The Conflagration of Desires XXII: Sins of the Father XXIII: Ever Southward XXIV: The Execution of the Grossbarts XXV: The Monotonous Sea XXVI: The Children’s Crusade XXVII: Rhodes to Gyptland XXVIII: The Rapturous Hunt XXIX: Like the End, the Beginning of Winter Is Difficult to Gauge in the South XXX: Their Just Reward XXXI: The Final Heresy Bibliography Acknowledgments Extras Meet the Author Interview A Preview of THE COMPANY Dedicated to Raechel Molly John David Travis Jonathan Preface The story of the Brothers Grossbart doe
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