Scandal's Bride by Stephanie Laurens

Scandal's Bride Stephanie Laurens Bar Cynster - Book 3 Prologue December 1, 1819 Casphairn Manor, the Vale of Casphairn Galloway Hills, Scotland She'd never had a vision like it before. Eyes—blue, blue—blue as the skies over Merrick's high head, blue as the cornflowers dotting the vale's fields. They were the eyes of a thinker, far-sighted yet focused. Or the eyes of a warrior. Catriona awoke, almost surprised to find herself alone. From the depths of her big bed, she scanned her familiar surrounds, the thick velvet curtains half shrouding the bed, their mates drawn tight across the windows beyond which the wind murmured, telling tales of the coming winter to any still awake. In the grate, embers gleamed, shedding a glow over polished wood, the soft sheen of the floor, the lighter hues of chair and dresser. It was deep night, the hour between one day and the next. All was reassuringly normal; nothing had changed. Yet it had. Her heart slowing, Catriona tugged the covers about her and considered the vision that had visited her—the vision of a man's face. The details remained strongly etched in her mind.
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