The Fiorenza Forced Marriage by By Melanie Milburne

CHAPTER ONE EMMA looked at the Italian lawyer in heart-stopping shock. 'There must be some sort of m-mistake,' she said, her voice wobbling with disbelief. 'How could I possibly be included in Signore Fiorenza's will? I was just his carer.' 'It is no mistake,' Francesca Rossi said, pointedly tapping the thick document in front of her. 'I have it here in black and white. Valentino Fiorenza changed his will a matter of weeks before he died.' Emma sat in a stunned silence. She had lived with and nursed the multimillionaire for eighteen months and not once had she thought something like this would happen. 'But I don't understand...' she said after a moment. 'Why on earth would he leave me half of his estate?' 'That's exactly what his son has been asking,' Francesca Rossi said with a speaking glance. 'I believe he is on his way over from London as we speak. As his father's only remaining heir one can only assume he was expecting The Villa Fiorenza and the bulk of his father's assets to pass directly to him.' Emma chewed at her bottom lip for a moment. 'You said the terms of the will are rather strange....' 'They are quite unusual,' Francesca agreed. 'In order to inherit
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