Try by Ella Frank

Prologue Planes—Logan was not a fan. Although, the warm pussy that his cock was currently balls deep inside of was a definite improvement to the cold blue leather of seat 1D in business class, where he had been sitting by himself earlier. Luckily for him, just before the plane taxied out onto the tarmac, the vacant seat, which he’d thought would remain empty, had filled. And even though it’s changed my plan from sleeping to— “Shh, hon. If you’re going to moan, I’ll have to shut you up.” Logan brought his right hand up to cup over her parted pink lips. At first, he’d been under the assumption that this would be the same old boring flight from L.A. back to Chicago. He’d settled back with his usual gin and tonic, unbuttoned his suit jacket, and crossed his feet as he waited impatiently for the trip to get under way. He’d figured if he were lucky, he could have several more drinks and sleep through half the trip. And what a lucky bastard I am. While he was draining his small plastic cup, he’d heard a woman’s voice moving closer and closer to the cabin door, calling out, “W
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