Who's Up for Some Bonding? (FoxTrot (B&W) #19) by Bill Amend

Bill Amend does it better than anybody else. His ability to present middle-class family life in a way that?s consistently fresh, irreverent, and downright wacky is unsurpassed. If asked?and they are each day they open the more than 1,000 newspapers that carry his strip?Amend?s audience of 25 million readers would say the same thing.That committed and connected audience will be delighted once again to discover Who?s Up for Some Bonding?, the latest in a series that includes 18 previous collections and eight treasuries, amounting to nearly two million FoxTrot books in circulation. This time around, Amend?s antics with the Fox family include the artist?s invitingly skewed views of ?normal? life: children who are light-years ahead of their parents when it comes to computers, siblings who could teach the CIA a thing or two about covert and ?get-even? ops, and parents who stumble around in a slight daze as they deal with all the ?amenities? of the modern world.Jason, Peter, Paige, and their parents, Roger and Andy, deliver the laughs. They all bring their unique personalities and perspectives to the FoxTrot world, whether the subject is technology, tofu recipes . . . or a son convinced he could be the next zillionaire Martha Stewart. FoxTrot surprises. FoxTrot charms. FoxTrot always satisfies.

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