A Flash of Fang (Wiccan-Were-Bear #2) by R.E. Butler

Chapter One Drumming my fingers against my purse, I sat in the doctor’s office waiting room with one of my two were-bear husbands sitting next to me. The picture of perfect calm, Ash reclined in the straight backed chair and fiddled with his cell phone. “Why are you so nervous, aleni?” Ash asked, calling me their pet name for me, which meant little bear. “I don’t know.” I sighed and shifted in the uncomfortable seat to look at my husband. We’d been mated by were-bear standards since before the full moon in March, prior to the spring solstice. In June, we married by human standards, and he and his identical twin Axe became not only my guards for the wiccan ceremonies that required me to officiate as South Corner, but also my all around guards so that I never really went anywhere alone anymore, ever. I wasn’t complaining. Not exactly. But I’d never been to an OB appointment with a man before, and it was just a little weird. But that wasn’t really what was bothering me. The last few weeks I’d started to have bad dreams. Not nightmares, exactly, but they were bad nonetheless. I always woke up unable to
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