A Love Untamed (Feral Warriors #7) by Pamela Palmer

Chapter One Eight days ago Kieran twisted, avoiding the male’s kick, then swung out with his own, slamming his opponent to the hardwood floor. “Good, try!” Kieran said, holding his hand out to the male and helping him up. “Again.” The male groaned but nodded, shoving a sweaty lock of hair out of his eyes. The gym, on the outskirts of Dublin, was unairconditioned and hot despite the late-spring temperatures outside, smelling of sweat and hard work. Inside, more than forty new recruits sparred. As the two men circled, Kieran called to the larger group, “Watch your opponent’s hands. Always know where they are. Hands are a Mage’s most dangerous weapons.” He didn’t have to add that a Mage could enthrall a Therian with a single touch, rendering him a puppet to be turned on his fellows. Or to be captured or killed. The Therians had been at war with the Mage for millennia and his recruits knew it all too well. Fortunately, Therians had the advantage of muscle mass few Mage possessed. Once they’d had far more advantage than that. At one time, all Therians had been shape-shifters, able to shift into
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