A Slash of Savagery (Wiccan-Were-Bear #8) by R.E. Butler

Chapter 1 Mishka, the vampire master of the largest coven in the state of Ohio, read the security report sent to him by the coven guards. Red hazed his vision as he viewed the report on his tablet: another vampire’s mate had been attacked during daylight hours. That made three in one month. He had been master of the Cleveland, Ohio, coven for years, and in all that time, he could count on one hand the number of mates who had been attacked. Three in the same month was no accident. The mates of his people were being targeted. He laid the tablet on his desk, leaned back in the leather chair, and glanced across the desk to Brone, his oldest and most trusted friend. One thousand years old, Brone had been to hell and back more than once and lived to tell the tale. A male who held allegiance to none had chosen to join Mishka’s coven. Mishka trusted no one more. “Options?” Mishka asked. Brone was an imposing male: nearly seven feet tall and broad, with buzzed hair, blue eyes, and double fangs that were unique to his sire’s line. He was in charge of security for all of the coven’s holdings. “The mates were taken during daylight ho
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