A Twitch of Tail (Wiccan-Were-Bear #6) by R.E. Butler

Chapter 1 Melo Thorne sat in the backyard of his modest home in the tiger ambush’s territory, south of the city of Cleveland, in the small town of Whispering Creek. He’d been with the tiger ambush, led by the king tiger Midas, for three years and had always found solace sitting on the back porch and staring up at the stars. But peace hadn’t come to him for the last few days. His bones were itching. Something important was about to happen; he just knew it. The shitty thing was that he didn’t know if it would be something good or something bad. His brother, Tahlon, opened the back door and stepped out, handing Melo a beer. Sitting in the chair next to him, Tahlon twisted the cap off his beer and took a long drink. Tahlon had shown up at Melo’s home three days earlier, with only a duffel of clothes and a wound healing on his back. Tahlon, like Melo, was a were-tiger. They had both been part of an ambush in Florida. Melo had been the tiger king’s personal guard, and Tahlon had been the tiger queen’s guard. Melo was older than his brother by only two years, and they were both gifted with the slow aging of supernatural creatures. F
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