Every Night Forever (Hyena Heat #1) by R.E. Butler

Chapter 1 Alyssa gripped her hair in frustration. Her own stupidity. This was why she was in this predicament in the first place. The timer beeped for three minutes. She didn’t move. “Are you going to look or should I?” Her friend Bethany asked, looking up from where she was scrubbing an emery board over her nails. “No, ah, I’ll do it.” Alyssa stood up from the bed and walked stiffly to the bathroom. The full moon in July, she’d been so damned horny she couldn’t control herself and she had willingly gone home with Ben, one of the younger wolves in the pack. She’d wanted to take the male who had joined the pack last summer to bed with her, but he hadn’t wanted her. Cody was a high-ranked male and well thought of in the pack. Gorgeous to boot. But he had never looked at her as anyone worthwhile. The night before the full moon she had walked into the pack bar and found the handsome wolf making out with a human woman in the corner, and her confidence had been shattered. It was one thing to be passed over for other she-wolves, but to be passed over for a human just seemed plain wrong. She’d been feeling
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