Every Sunset Forever (Hyena Heat #3) by R.E. Butler

Prologue *Twenty-three years earlier* Crown, Tennessee “What do you mean I can’t have her?” Davion Mercer asked. He snarled angrily at the man who stood before him. “She wants more money,” he said with a shrug. Davion took a threatening step towards him. At first, the man’s eyes widened, but then he smirked. “If you kill me, you’ll never find her or the kid. She’s already left the state, and she’s waiting for me to call.” Davion swore under his breath. “Damn greedy whore! Why can’t she just be happy with what I gave her?” He paced back and forth in the park between two benches, his mind racing. “I need that child; you must get her back for me. Whatever it takes. I. Need. Her.” The man shrank back as fury filled Davion’s words. “Can’t I get you another kid? What’s so special about this one, anyway?” Davion growled low in his throat and forced himself not to wring his neck. “She is the mate I have chosen for my sons. There is no other for them.” Davion was all his sons had left. His own mate and two brothers had b
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