Hunger Untamed (Feral Warriors #5) by Pamela Palmer

Prologue A.D. 1006 Upon the bloody battlefield she took form, a woman of mist and light. As she turned to flesh and bone, the cold wind tore at her tunic, stinging her cheeks and whipping dark tendrils loose from her braid to fly across her eyes. Beneath clouds as thick and gray as waves on an angry sea, Ariana, Queen of the Ilinas, raked back her hair and scanned the field--a battle between men and animals. Shape-shifters. Feral Warriors. Only twenty-six true shifters remained in the world when once there had been thousands. Twenty-six, each of a different line, a different animal. Jungle cats and bears, a horse, a wolf, a huge fox, along with others unsuited to the field of battle who fought in their human forms--an eagle and hawk among them. The Feral Warriors fought their ancient enemy, the Mage. Melisande, her second-in-command, appeared from the mist beside her, delicate features turning hard with distaste as she surveyed the battle before them. "He wants you to watch him kill?" "He is my mate, Melisande." The rebuke was no less harsh for its quietness. Ariana knew the reprimand would do no good. Melisande had bitterly disapp
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