Wulfe Untamed (Feral Warriors #8) by Pamela Palmer

Chapter One The Earth opened before her with a bloodcurdling scream. Day turned to night. There was no escape. Mere feet in front of her, an unearthly red-orange light burst from that wide, gaping hole. Still, the Earth screamed. Tied to a stake at the edge of that abyss, she could do nothing but watch. And tremble. She was not alone and, oh, if only she were. Because one of the other four tied around that gaping maw with her was her brother, Xavier. All her life, she’d watched over him. Now she could do nothing to help either of them. And they were surely going to die. Around them, half a dozen large, muscular males—half of them clothed, half na**d, ran, shouting, drawing blades, as a second group of men descended on the circle and drew them into battle. As steel clanged, one of the na**d men disappeared suddenly in a spray of sparkling lights to be replaced by a large, maned African lion. Another lunged at one of his attackers and, in a similar spray of lights, turned into a huge wolf. Impossible. Thunder rolled across the sky. A horrible stench met her nose. Fire tore down her cheek as if one of the warriors had turned his blade
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